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He Said It , And We Believe Him....

Andre Aldridge , NBA TV

Aldridge : The Celtics are very eager to get Allan Iverson.
Pretty soon , AI
will be a green man.

Philadelphia 76ers' Allan Iverson

AI : Calling earth , calling earth ...

Noooooooooo... don't take him!! He is all we have left in Philly!! Wahhhhhh =(

What you like AI ?Shannon like AI boys !

What's an AI boy? lol Do you mean basketball boys?? *Confused look*

AI is what Allan Iverson is known in the NBA . Boys are the ballers frequently visiting this blog . Sorry.

Unfortunately , Philly will likely lose AI . That's the rumor in the NBA circle. AI will be in a Boston Celtics ( known as the men in green 'coz of the color of their uniforms ) or a member of other team.
That's NBA 101 for you dearest Shannon.
BTW , have you read I Hate ... comment portion dtd Jul 8 ?

AI has worn his welcome in Philly. Time to move him.

John~ You don't have to apologize..no worries...it was just a question =)

Nike~ Awww thanks for the info...Did I read what? lol.. I hate dtd July 8th? I don't understand.. I'm sorry =/

do you have a tag board or e mail . I'll explain .

Hey Nike , the Raptors made some new platers signed today . Make sure you have a joke for us .

AI needs a new home . Maybe Atlanta or Denver .

Nike~ My email address is on my profile...it's


AI is a green man now ... hs game is out of this world . He plays an unbelievable game !

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